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Tuesday November 29th 2022



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Software Update: iTunes 9.2.1 Released

Software Update:  iTunes 9.2.1 Released

Apple has release a new version of iTunes making the current version 9.2.1 . This update is to fix a vulnerability due to improper handling of the itpc URLs. itpc is the protocol used by iTunes for handling podcasts. An attacker may convincing a user to access a specially crafted itpc URL and they may be able to execute code or cause a [...]

AVG Free vs Microsoft Security Essentials

    For the longest time when asked about a free anti-virus/anti-spyware software that I would use and recommend, usually top of the list would be AVG Free and I think that many of the techs that I worked with would agree with it.  Infact another tech originally turned me on to the software and it became part of my virus/spyware removal [...]