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Wednesday July 6th 2022



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RE: Windows 7 FTP Server

RE:  Windows 7 FTP Server

Question Re: Blog Post: Windows 7 FTP Server The setup is helpful, but can you expand upon this with assistance on how to create a user and then set up access to a specific folder? I can’t seem to get this to work at all… and I thought I was pretty computer-savy. The new windows 7 administrative configuration is definitely giving me [...]

Q&A Monday: What to do after losing your job?

Q&A Monday: What to do after losing your job?

Question: Jim, I just found myself out of a job for the first time in 20 years and am searching for another tech job. I am looking for some things that I can do while I am looking to help my job search, is there anything you recommend? Richard Newsome Portland, Oregon Answer: I always find it funny that people keep asking me about [...]

Security Update: Mozilla Firefox 6 and 3.6.20

Security Update:  Mozilla Firefox 6 and 3.6.20

    Mozilla identified and fixed several memory safety bugs in its browser engine used in Firefox 3.6, Firefox 5 and other Mozilla-based products. Some of these bugs showed evidence of memory corruption under certain circumstances, and that they fear that someone with enough effort could be exploited to run arbitrary code.  This update is [...]

Q&A Monday: Controlling the IT Budget

Q&A Monday:  Controlling the IT Budget

Question: I am under great pressure from management to decrease our IT budget for next year, while providing the same level of services. I've spent time with my team trying to figure out service contracts or software upgrades to cut, what are some of the ways you've cut budgets? Judith R. Eastman Knoxville, TN Answer: It has been some [...]

Security Update: Blackberry Enterprise Software

Security Update:  Blackberry Enterprise Software

Blackberry has announced that there is a vulnerability on their Blackberry Enterprise Server product and have released a patch to fix the vulnerability.  RIM (the maker of the blackberry) has released the patch for what they are calling a high risk vulnerability and being that it is being classified as "high risk", it is recommended you get the [...]

Q&A Monday: Hold onto spare parts?

Q&A Monday:  Hold onto spare parts?

Question: Jim, I have a boss that constantly wants us to keep computer equipment, even though most of it is trash.  He claims that the parts will come in handy if we need them down the line, but we have some computer parts for over 10 years, does it really pay to hold on to technology? Bobby Hancock Mountain View, CA Answer: I have [...]

Linux still for the Über Geek?

Linux still for the Über Geek?

  When I first tried getting into Linux almost 10 years ago, I found that is was hard to learn from the world of Windows that I had grown up learning.  If I haven't mentioned in the past, I have a horrible memory which makes remembering new commands in a OS I didn't use often, almost possible.  I tried for almost a year.  At the time, many [...]

Bad Manager Behaviors

Bad Manager Behaviors

  This week I started thinking about the bad managment behaviors that could quickly kill the moral of your workers.  Luckily, I've dodged this bullet and havn't had any horrible managers, but have seen my share of them and the havoc they bring on their teams.  Some of these problems can be worked on and corrected and some are just personality [...]

Safe Web Browsing Myths

Safe Web Browsing Myths

More often than not, if you are reading articles from this site, you consider yourself a savvy computer user.  Though many of us think that we are using the internet in a safe way, we are actually vulnerable to malware or viruses.  The problem I often run into, is that people think getting infected is about going to seedy internet sites or [...]

Windows Security Best Practices

Windows Security Best Practices

In todays age, you can not be too secure when it comes to your network it's better to be safe than sorry.  In the current economy I've seen many companies consolidate jobs and add new burden to already over-burdened admins.  One of the places where this will hurt companies is the network security departments. I've learned many security faux [...]

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