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Thursday December 1st 2022



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5 Signs IT isn’t the career for you

5 Signs IT isn’t the career for you

We've all met the IT guy who we are pretty sure isn't cut out for the job.  I know people have asked me, if they are right for IT and it is something people need to think about prior to spending the money and time to get into the field.  Lucky for you, I wanted to make a list of 5 things you need to consider before you hop into the IT field. [...]

Q&A Monday: Re: Looking for a Job

On February 5th 2010, I did a blog, talking about my experiences and some tips about looking for a job and I got the following question.  Rather than just answer the questions in the comments, I thought it would warrant an follow up entry.  Though I got e-mails saying the tips helped, I also got the following call for help. Blaine Selby [...]

Looking for a job

I have been absent from my regular posting due to the fact, that I myself have been found laid off and looking for a job.  Because I haven't been actively working with technology its been hard for me to sit down and write a blog.  All of a sudden it came to me today, I know I am not the only technology professional  who is caught in this circle [...]