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Thursday September 29th 2022



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Don’t be afraid to fail

In the years that I have been an IT manager, there's honestly something that most people who work for me need to learn, and even some of my former colleges and bosses need to learn to accept. Don't be afraid to fail or let your employees make mistakes. I've seen many young smart talented people come into the job world and be afraid to make [...]

IT Mentality: Hire a problem solver

IT Mentality: Hire a problem solver

I have seen many variations of the same tweet over the years, and when I was younger, I'm sure I would of posted the same thing thinking I was cleaver. Only as I matured more, did my perception change on what this tweet really means. Younger me, was like I work in technology, which is why I don't trust it, now I realize there's a problem that [...]

Q&A Monday: Starting a Cyber Security Program

Question:I work for a small company and my boss recently tasked me to start to strengthen our defenses against a cyber attack, but I'm not a security expert, whats the best way to plan this out before I get started.Oda CoxNorway Answer: Thanks for the question, I'm glad you kept it at planning level because it's not something that you can do [...]

Information Security Core Knowledge

Every so often, I get asked by someone who want to get into the InfoSec field, what is at the core of knowledge that is needed. Now I know a lot of people have a lot of different answers to this question, but I think there are some things that are important, that are easier to attain. These aren't particular things to memorize, there are more [...]

How to rethink your backup strategy

One of the things that was drilled into my head when I was starting out in my IT career was the backup philosophy of 3-2-1. This stood for you should have 3 copies of your data (the production data and two backups), on 2 different media types and 1 of them being offsite. This is still the recommended method of CERT (see here). Yet I found it [...]

Looking for a candidate hire a learner

Looking for a candidate hire a learner

Over the last couple of months, I've done more interviewing than in the previous years of working in IT.  I've had a very good time training and helping employees improve their skill sets and unfortunately take positions in other companies.  So I've had a lot of time thinking about who I wanted to hire for my open positions and I don't take the [...]

Q&A Monday: LZMA File

Q&A Monday:  LZMA File

Question: I received a file from a coworker that has a LZMA file type with a large sum of data, and I don't know how to open it.  Please help! Kevin Knight South Dakota  Answer: LZMA is a compressed file, something like the ZIP compression that most of us are generally familiar with. It's used as a way to group files together and [...]

Q&A Monday: Windows 7 Hide Accounts from Welcome Menu

Q&A Monday:  Windows 7 Hide Accounts from Welcome Menu

Question: We are deploying Windows 7 machines to users that are not the domain, and I want to add some accounts for administration to the machine, but I only want the users to be give the option of seeing the one account they are going to use.  Is there any way to hide the other accounts?  John Higgins Oakland, CA Answer: *NOTE: To [...]

Q&A Monday: IT Education

Q&A Monday:  IT Education

Question: Jim, For someone looking to segue into IT, what is the most direct educational route to take- tech school, university, or career diploma program? In general, what do you recommend for a good IT foundation? Tony DiPaciner Philadelphia, Pa   Answer: Like most questions in IT, there is a lot of debate for the best [...]

Mobile: Apps vs Mobile Web

Mobile: Apps vs Mobile Web

  I've been asked many times where I think the future in the smart phone market is, either applications or site designed for mobile web?  Now I think it's funny that since I am in the IT field, I should know (or at least have thought on) the mobile market.  But since I try to answer the questions that come in, I've decided to write [...]

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