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Saturday October 1st 2022



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Check Browser Compatibility Fast and Easy

Check Browser Compatibility Fast and Easy

Now like a lot of businesses now a day rely heavily on websites, and with the explosion of different browsers how can you make sure your site looks as good as it can on as many of them as possible?  Before I would have as many different browsers located on my computer and load up each with a version of my website and check it that way.  [...]

Q&A Monday: .html AutoRun CD

Question: I have created a small (lets call it a web site) and I want to put it on a CD and have it 'autorun'? Answer: Autorun is a feature of the Windows operating systems. Autorun is feature that detects when a CD is inserted and runs an application based on the Autorun.inf file located on the CD itself. When a CD is inserted into [...]