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Thursday December 1st 2022



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Best Practices for Password Policy

Best Practices for Password Policy

I’ve seen a lot of different companies send out a secure password when a user starts out, but when the user changes their password, they may make it something less secure.  That’s why I thought I’d go over some of the configurable Group Policy Settings with some of the best practices for password settings.  I feel like I need to mention [...]

Q&A Monday: Disable Taskbar Preview

Q&A Monday: Disable Taskbar Preview

Question: Hi Jim, I am a big fan of you blog, and found your site a while back while looking for blue screen problems I was having on my XP machine.  I just bought another computer with Windows 7 on it, and I hate the task bar preview, is there a way to get rid of it? Patricia Mackey Minneapolis, MN Answer: As many people have [...]

Question and Answer: Stop Domain Users from Installing Files

Question: I have Windows 2003 domain and some users have local admin rights. I would like to prevent these users from installing any software on their PCs. Bobby Clem Boulder, CO Answer:     In an ideal world we wouldn't have users who were also local administrators, but we in the IT world often have perfect systems to work with.  [...]

Q&A Monday: Domain Password Last Changed

Question: I am in a situation on where I need to find out when the last time a user changed their network password.  Our domain policy forces the change in account passwords every 120 days, and a user is claiming that it's been longer than that, I checked the GPO and everything looks OK, but is there a way to actually check the last time [...]