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Sunday November 27th 2022



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Disaster Recovery: Starting a Simple DR Plan

Disaster Recovery:  Starting a Simple DR Plan

I'm starting a new series on Disaster Recovery that will hopefully run on Fridays for a bit.  Not many companies will even think that they need a plan like this, until a disaster hits and then it's too late.  In this installment I'll start you on the thought process and how to go about writing your own.  In the following weeks we'll go into [...]

Backups: Tape vs. Replication

Backups: Tape vs. Replication

I’ve been asked this question enough since this site started, so I’ve finally decided to take the time and write the article.  What are my thoughts on the relatively new debate on Tape Backus versus replicating the data off-site.  You’ll find many people taking up sides in this debate, but in my opinion no one has a knockout win quite yet, [...]

Virtualized Domain Controllers

I got a call yesterday from my old job, it was the software specialist who was having problems with the VMWare 3.51 server which I installed a couple of months before I left.  Though by the time I was able to get a break and call them back, but it got me thinking about my first VMWare environment I built.  I made a blunder that first [...]