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Sunday November 27th 2022




From time to Time, I have some files that I make available on this site, to help make configurations a little easier. As a way to quickly find the files or scripts that you are looking for, I decided to make a single page with all the available files listed on it.

[Pamphlets] [Scripts] [Registry Modifications] [Network Documents]


Wireless Network Security: This is a pamphlet thrown together with some facts and basic understanding on why your wireless router needs to have security, and what the settings mean.
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Active Directory Password Last Script: This scripts skims Active Directory and exports the last time a user changed their password to a TXT file.
Used in Blog: Q&A Monday: Domain Password Last Changed

Active Directory Get Groups and Members Script:  This scripts queries the domain controller and will output a text file that lists all groups and their members in the domain.
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Registry Changes:

Change RDP Listening Port: This registry key lets you change the port the RDP uses.  This is highly recommended if you have machine that faces the internet with RDP enabled.
Used in Blog: Q&A Monday: Change Remote Desktop Port

Domain AutoLogon Registry Change: This registry key lets you set a computer on the domain to logon to a particular account without the need to logon manually.
Used in Blog: Q&A Monday:Domain Auto-Logon

Windows 8: Windows Defender Context Menu: This registry key lets you set Windows Defender as an option on the right click context menu.  This can be used for scanning files with Windows Defender.
Used in BlogQ&A Monday: How to create a Windows Defender right click context menu

Network Documents

Server Reboot List:  This list will allow you to list all of your servers in your organization and list when they can be brought down for a reboot for maintenance or patching reasons and what systems are effected by the reboots.
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