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Tuesday January 26th 2021



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5 Cool registry changes only in the registry

5 Cool registry changes only in the registry

With almost any discussion we have about the registry, I always want to stress the same message.  Messing with the registry can cause you system to become unstable or not work.  Please make sure you backup the registry prior to making changes.  Now with that out of the way, I wanted to show you some cool registry changes that you can make in [...]

Q&A Monday: hiberfil.sys and deleting it

Q&A Monday:  hiberfil.sys and deleting it

Question: Jim, While doing some spring cleaning on my computer, I've come across a file in C: drive called hiberfil.sys file.  When I try to delete the file it wont let me, how do I get rid of hiberfil.sys? Craig Ridgeway Kenosha, WI Answer: The first thing we need to discuss, is what exactly is that file?  hiberfil.sys is one of [...]

Windows Security Best Practices

Windows Security Best Practices

In todays age, you can not be too secure when it comes to your network it's better to be safe than sorry.  In the current economy I've seen many companies consolidate jobs and add new burden to already over-burdened admins.  One of the places where this will hurt companies is the network security departments. I've learned many security faux [...]

Q&A Monday: Hide Accounts from XP Welcome Screen

Q&A Monday:  Hide Accounts from XP Welcome Screen

Question: I am currently setting up a couple of computers for a small business and not in a domain, and they prefer the Windows XP Welcome menu to log on to the computer.  I have set up an Administrator account and would like that account to be hidden from the welcome screen. Adam E. Jones Dallas, TX   Answer: To [...]

No Virus/Maleware and Computers Slow

No Virus/Maleware and Computers Slow

    A lot of complaints I generally hear about people's computers is that they have slowed down.  Usually most tech will look towards one thing that is the most likely cause...spyware/virus (or whatever you personally call it).  Though after ruling that out, what might be some other explanations for the slowness?     I want to focus on [...]

Q&A Monday: USB Printer in DOS

Q&A Monday:  USB Printer in DOS

Question: I currently have a legacy software at my current job that runs in DOS and have printed to a printer that was connected via parallel cable.  Recently that printer has bit the dust and I bought a new USB printer to replace it, but now the program wont print, but the printer works in Windows, please help. Answer: This is a common [...]

Effectively Erasing Files

Effectively Erasing Files

Thinking about getting rid of a computer can actually be a lot more complicated that initially thought.  Many people remember to get their files off and delete any important information from the drive and think that's the end of it.  It's not just individuals, companies can also fall into this trap.  Just selecting delete does not mean that the [...]

Q&A Monday: Increase Simultaneous Downloads

Question: Because of my job I spent a lot of time downloading files from the internet, my productivity is killed by the simultaneous download limit in Windows.  Is there anyway to work around this limit or a nifty program that will let me easily download more? Joseph James Dallas, TX Answer: Now I have tried many programs that [...]

Security Alert: Shortcut file Vulnerability

Security Alert:  Shortcut file Vulnerability

This vulnerability is due to the failure of Microsoft Windows to properly obtain icons for LNK files. Microsoft uses LNK files, commonly referred to as "shortcuts," as references to files or applications. By convincing a user to display a specially-crafted LNK file, an attacker may be able to execute arbitrary code that would give the attacker [...]

Q&A Monday: Block Sites from Computer

Q&A Monday: Block Sites from Computer

Question: Hey Jim hope your doing well and having a good summer! I need a little help. My daughter has autism and she loves Youtube. However, some of the things on youtube are very disturbing. Is there anyway we can totally block Youtube from our computers? Media, Pa Answer: There is a simple an easy way to block sites from a computer, the [...]

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