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Wednesday December 1st 2021



About JimGuckin

Welcome to – a blog that makes technology accessible to all, and gives you good tips to keep your computer or network secure.

My name is Jim Guckin and I work as an IT Manager and Network Administrator in Philadelphia, Pa area. I graduated from CHI Institute in 2003 with a degree in Network Engineering Technology.  I’ve been in the IT field for 10 years and worked in the industries of Retail, Law and Business Management, Government and even contracted with many others.


One of the main reasons that I started a blog, was I spend a lot of time in chat room, message boards and sites devoted to helping people out with their computer or network problems.  I feel as if I owe some of my time to these sites, because I used (and still do use) some of these sites to help me out with problems that I have experienced that I didn’t have an answer to, or just forgot.

The original idea was to create an online knowledge base, where I could keep a record of things that I did to fix the programs that I work with and be able to easily retrace my steps.  Then one day it came to me; I could combine my love of helping people with the knowledge base idea for everyone.  I blog every Monday a Q&A, where the questions are either one I had encountered on my trips around the internet that week or e-mail from you.  Wednesday and Friday blogs are more of the things that I have done, or cool sites or tools that I want to remember.

Can you email me questions?

I love nothing more that to help you, so please feel free to send me an e-mail with any questions you may have.  Remember that on Monday I do a Q&A blog, so your question may appear on the site.  I try to get back to everyone that e-mails me, but I can’t promise anything.  So send me an e-mail at

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