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Thursday September 29th 2022



About Jim Guckin

Technology can be intimidating and complex. Jim makes it simple and easy to understand with his technology blog and podcast, CyberSecurity News Byte. These are the premier sources for bringing you the latest news, tips, tricks, and insights into the world of information technology.

25 Million+ new computer users join the internet every day, and 80% of them get hacked or breached within three months. Cyber Security News Byte is an easy-to-use weekly podcast that puts everyone on the same page of cyber security news, trends, and analysis. It’s authoritative, extremely practical, and you can listen to it at work during your lunch break.

Jim Guckin’s blog provides information on everything related to technology for everyone. He covers the latest news on cyber security and other areas of technology which allows his readers to stay informed.

As a cyber-security expert, Jim is trusted by large companies to protect their assets, clients, and customers who use his products and services. Thus, if someone is looking for a job or wants to become an Information Technology expert in the future, visiting Jim’s blog can be beneficial to them.

He was a trusted defender of the City of Philadelphia’s digital systems who partners with the IT community, internal and external stakeholders, to foster collaborative relationships while maintaining the highest level of security. His insight in best practices relating to information technology is second-to-none, his commitment to knowledge growth results in unmatched skillsets and sharpens his ability to transfer knowledge throughout the organization.

He has a passion for bringing security standards to life by providing solutions that exceed expectations within budget and on time; oftentimes delivering results well before completion. His goal is to instill cyber security best practices into any team he is hired into whether it be an internal department or client services organization. His philosophy can be summed up this way:

“No matter how secure a target the user is always the weakest link.’o matter how secure a target the user is always the weakest link.”

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