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Sunday April 18th 2021

Software Update: iTunes 9.2.1 Released

Apple has release a new version of iTunes making the current version 9.2.1 . This update is to fix a vulnerability due to improper handling of the itpc URLs. itpc is the protocol used by iTunes for handling podcasts. An attacker may convincing a user to access a specially crafted itpc URL and they may be able to execute code or cause a denial-of-service conditions.
The update is 65.23MB and doesn’t take long to download and install. ┬áIf you use iTunes┬áregularly or are in the market for a new podcast, then please consider updating prior to subscribing to a new link. ┬áNetwork Administrators, if your users have iTunes installed on their local PC’s please consider updating to the new iTunes as soon as possible to prevent DOS or virus attacks.

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