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Tuesday November 29th 2022



Exchange and iCal Problems

    Recently I got a call, that a user was having problem with a program callediCal, I had seen and briefly used the software, but wasn’t an expert on it. I did some research I verified that it was Apple’s built in e-mail client.  The user didn’t always have this problem, it occured one day while he was attempting to delete stuff from the calendar.  We got the following error message from the user:

iCal can’t decline the event “(null)” on the Exchange server.

The account "My Mail" currently can’t be modified. To discard your changes and continue using the version of your calendars that’s on the server, click Revert to Server. To save your changes on your computer until the problem is resolved, click Go Offline.

    When the user clicked the revert option, the program shut down and when they clicked “Go Offline”, it  just went offline, and didn’t resolve the problem.  I went to the Apple Support Forums for iCal, and posted this error message and asking how to solve it (to this day still havn’t gotten an answer).  I went to trying to solve it and pray someone would answer my question quickly. 
    I became entangled in the fact, that while I’ve worked with Apple Computers in the past, that I didn’t know enough about them to troubleshoot specific software.  So I looked at it as I would any PC problem that I would have gotten.  So I thought that if a user called and had outlook problem, what would I do?  Well since it’s an exchange server and there isn’t the fear of loosing information (and I had a backup just in case) that I would have the user remove and recreate the link in iCal and see if that solved the problem.  It did, and everything started syncing without a problem.  Just a simple and ever true remove and re-add the settings solved the problem…shows you that sometime the tested methods work.

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  1. John Heywood says:

    Having the same problem with one of my users. Could you explain what you mean by “that I would have the user remove and recreate the link in iCal and see if that solved the problem.”

    Are you referring to just using the minus in iCal, preferences, accounts?

    Thanks for your help!
    John Heywood

  2. Jame Healy says:

    That worked for me as well right now, and to John Heywood, all I did was:

    1. Go to iCal Preferences. Removed the offending account (not just simply “disabling it”).
    2. Go to Systems Preferences to the “Mail, Contacts & Calendars” area and re-enable the calendar for the offending account.

    Seemed to work for me.

  3. Chris says:

    Yes, that does solve the problem but here is the other problem. The problem now happens several times a week. So it isn’t any longer practical to delete and re-add the account.

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